Northcourt garden can still be enjoyed on September 18th as our late Queen supported the NGS.


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NorthCourt was chosen as a site for settlement because of the constant spring water forming the river Tweed. A stone bridge crosses the crystal clear stream to takeyou to the village and the Crown. Below the house is the crystal clear pond and boardwalk through the bamboo jungle, bordered by primulas.

The garden rises 100 feet from the stream to the terraced woodland walks with distant sea views. The terraced walks to the north lead down to the one acre organic productive walled kitchen garden, where garden produce for our visitors is grown.

The garden enjoys a very special microclimate nestled below the Downs between the chalk and greensand ridges.

This microclimate give us the opportunity to grow around 4,000 different plant varieties from around the world from subtropical plantings of exotic palms and bananas to bog loving primulas, arums, and Mediterranean plants.

At the rear of the house is the rose garden, long wall and sunken garden. In the sunken garden we have let centranthus, quaking grass, geraniums and many herbs intermingle to give a wild effect.

On the terraces camellias flourish in Spring with magnolias on the acid soil. Acacias, olearias, cistuses and ceanothus give early summer colour followed by moisture loving hydrangeas, turning blue with the acidic soil.

Throughout the garden we try and create a feel of harmony with nature, encouraging the wildlife.

We offer garden tours for groups and to guests. Refreshments can be provided and can include house tours.

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