Spring weather

After all the snow we have had Spring appears to have arrived. Last weekend we have blizzards , and the picture below shows sheep on the top of the Downs, all ready for lambing.

Lambing has started in some farms in

difficult conditions, but now the grass is growing and wild flowers coming out. Shorwell is famous for its wild garlic in all the woods , which is showing buds. Primroses peeped through the thawing snow.

After that bluebells will appear with pink campions.

The Isle of Wight can be at its best for walking holidays in April and May with all the wild flowers and generally good weather.

We saw red squirrels last week in the garden, and today my first tortoiseshell butterly, and on the walls Mediterranean lizzards. Buzzards and ravens fly above us daily competing for carrion. Moles make their mounds and young rabbits eat my plants.

Soon the rare ganvilles fritillary will be appearing feeding on plantains on the southern cliffs, only found on the Isle of wight.

But come to the Isle of Wight for wild flowers and the lambs and you will not be disappointed.