Weather information

Today ( march 3 2018) was a glorious day after the blizzard we had on Thursday and very cold winds during the week. The snow started melting on 2nd, but a little was left in drifts.

Here is my photo of some remaining drifts on the downs 25 minutes from Northcourt, looking towards St. Catherine’s Down looking East- south-East.

Isle of wight snow

Snow drifts

You will see from the thorn tree in this photo how windy it can be on the Isle of Wight, the prevailing wind being South-Westerly. 

Being an Island it can often be breezy, but you can always find a side of the Island which is out of the wind.

Undoubtedly the Island has some of the best sunshine records in the UK. Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor usually have the records on the East where it maybe a little warmer with westerly prevailing winds, but being South you can expect the Isle of Wight to have warmer nights and days, especially in the Autumn and early winter when the sea is still warm. 

Occasionally before warm weather we might have sea mist, but it usually clears quite quickly as the sun burns it off.

Sea temperatures rise steadily from April and reach their peak at the end of August or first week in September when it is expected to reach 17.5-18 degrees, but localised in shallow waters it can be higher.

The very cold air with a windchill of around 8 degrees has damaged some of my plants , so I do not expect any fruiting bananas this year- but you never know and the magnolias will be late.

The driest months are often April and October, often good months to visit. April has the garlic and bluebells and other wild flowers, and October can surprisingly be 

one of the best months in our garden.